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Whether you have a start-up company or a large corporation, information technology (IT) is a very important section that should never be underestimated. IT plays a vital role in the company’s plans to succeed among its competitors.

IT support is essential in the efficient and smooth running of a company’s IT operations. They deal with everything from simple IT issues as booting an employee’s computer to more complex issues like implementing new company-specific software.

The problem most IT companies face regarding IT support services is whether to have remote or onsite IT tech support. Here’s a breakdown of the pros and cons of both options to help guide your decision.

Onsite IT Support

Onsite IT support is a team of IT experts embedded in a company’s organizational structure. It consists of professional support staff available both offline and online but their services are limited to the employee working hours for a day.

Benefits of Onsite IT Support

  • Onsite IT support offers relational services than helpdesk support since it involves face-to-face communication with co-workers within the organization.  
  • Onsite IT support deals with the same software and equipment day-in, day-out, learning how to quickly resolve recurring similar problems that they come across.


  • Onsite technicians are usually not available outside working hours
  • Onsite IT support can be more expensive since you’ll be paying the team members or individual as full-time staff, including other employee benefits
  • Onsite IT support technicians rank their tasks based on priorities. If they don’t consider your issue urgent, you may not be attended to until they are done with the more pressing issues.

Offsite/Remote IT Support

Some computer networking firms in Houston also use remote IT support. Unlike onsite IT support, remote IT support is technical assistance that offsite personnel provides over a remote communication channel like phone, chat, portal interface, or video call.

Remote IT support leaves the control of your company’s software and hardware needs in the hands of technicians who are not physically present within your company premises. The company does not personally employ them like they do other staff.

Businesses hire IT experts on a contract basis from the IT support company where they work. For businesses in Houston, when your business has an IT problem, you’ll reach out to the manager of the IT support company over the phone or other remote means.

Here at our computer support and services center in Houston, we provide remote IT support including software maintenance, bug fixing, and other assistance, by using remote access software to access your machine.

Some of the most common issues that remote IT support can address include:

  • Slow PCs
  • Applications and software not working properly
  • VPN connectivity
  • Locked accounts and password resets
  • Shared network drive access

Advantages of Remote IT Support

  • Remote IT support is less expensive than onsite support. Travel costs, full-time employee salary, time expenditure, and other related factors do not apply to offsite IT support
  • Remote IT support companies have staff who work outside regular working hours so that you get IT support round the clock
  • With offsite IT support, you can connect with an IT technician to provide IT support without geographical restrictions. For instance, an IT support company in Houston can provide IT support for someone within the city as well as people in other countries.
  • You enjoy the least possible downtime since most remote IT companies operate under Service Level Agreements (SLAs).


  • When you have a problem with your hardware, you may still need IT support to be present physically to fix it.

Which Option Should You Choose?

Your choice of IT support service depends on your company’s needs. Each option has its strengths and weaknesses but the decision is still yours to make. As a leading computer and network support company in Houston, we recommend that you take your time to understand your company’s IT support needs and consider the options available to help you make informed decisions.

You can contact Re-Mark Technologies for the best professional network design services: 702-330-0725 to seek a professional opinion before making your decision and request computer support and services in Houston if you stay around there.



computer support and services Houston

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computer support and services Houston

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