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One of the great challenges of any government is how to organize and manage information. This data come from a variety of sources, from citizens to the different organizations and companies in which the governmental entity has scope. The proper management of information is then essential, to be able to respond in a timely manner to each of the citizens’ issues, thus ensuring an efficient government system.

Fortunately, today’s technology allows governments to manage information through the top of line document management systems. This allows organizations to digitize and organize data and make it available to their staff. Thus, it is easier to use it, to respond to each of the requests.

In the market, you will find a variety of DMS for government. However, the best alternative is our premier easy.forward™. It is essential you learn everything about our solution so that you know why we offer you the greatest government document management system.

Why Choose easy.forward™ from Scanoptics?

World-Class Technology

Our government document management software is one of the few that can handle the large amount of information that any government must deal with. To process high volumes of data, we use modern, cognitive Artificial Intelligence. It captures data intelligently and learns automatically with each task it performs. This allows easy.forward™ to learn as document management evolves, refining and refining the collection of information.

This allows the government agency’s data processing to become more efficient over time, making a significant impact on the entity’s operations. Thus, the system will scan and sort documents in no time and will be able to give secure results with 99.9% accuracy.

Efficient Management

With the accuracy with which our top-notch DMS organizes incoming data, the organization will be able to forget the drudgery of manually collecting, organizing, and sorting data from the different documents coming into the government. Also, keep in mind that every organization’s data sources are diverse. They may arrive on paper, by mail, or even in real-time transmissions.

Our easy.forward™ is capable of channeling the data from the different sources and standardizing them to be easily accessible and highly useful. Besides, our solution can be integrated into your organization’s workflow. You will be able to easily classify, sort, and index the data. This will make the information ready to use and allow government officers to give timely responses to different citizen demands.

Sensitive Data Management

One of the relevant issues when choosing a government data management system is the handling of sensitive and confidential information. Thanks to its continuous learning, easy.forward™ can help you discover and identify sensitive information in your unstructured data. Thus, you will be able to set up levels of confidentiality on the information that must be protected and managed carefully.

Unmatched Security

Finally, keep in mind that top document management software for government must manage and store data securely. The extraordinary software we develop at Scanoptics will increase your security levels, and help you detect any data breaches or leaks. You will be able to address the issue promptly and keep up the confidentiality of the information.

Trust the Best Government Document Management System

It’s time to boost your government with leading document management, and easy.forward™ from Scanoptics is here to help you do it. Let us give you a solution that will leave you more than satisfied. Contact us for the most intelligent data management.



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