Find a reliable local provider for any home and business technical need.

What Services Are Provided?

A variety of services are provided through the USTECHLAND platform. Everything from computer repair, printer repair, network setup, and so much more is supported by a large pool of professionals through the marketplace. Within each category, you can also get very specific and choose the specifications, issues, or branding that you need assistance with.

For Residential and Small Business

Computer Repair/Diagnostics
Computer repair offers several different options. Get support for Windows 7/8/10, Mac OS, Linux, Chrome OS, or any other operating system. Forget being committed to an expensive insurance plan through a big box retailer regarding computer repair. Hire your professional through USTECHLAND at competitive rates that are tailored for your needs.
Printer Repair
It’s very rare to not experience an issue with printers these days. With a variety of problems that can occur, printer repair is a very needed service. Especially now that printers are becoming smart and that comes with a whole new layer of challenges. Even more challenging is to find printer repair services that will come to your home or business. The platform provided by USTECHLAND solves just that.
Install Computer
Technology is getting more and more complicated. Spend hours figuring out how to set up and install software on your computer or let the professional handle it for you. Service providers are available to install anything you need and set up your desktop, laptop, notebook, minicomputer, PCs, and any other computer type.
Install Router/Switch
What is more complicated than installing a computer? Installing a router or switch. Service providers are available to set up your Netgear, Cisco, or any other router, switch, and modem. Let the professionals handle this for you. Having a proper internet connection is an important commodity.
Install Printer
Whether you need help installing a multifunction printer, non-multifunction printer, or any other printer type, a professional is waiting and ready to help. Seek out the expert help you need today when installing a printer.
Install Phone
A proper phone setup is a lifeblood for any business. Get in connection with your customers, drive sales, or touch base with employees. All of this requires a proper phone installation. Services offered are Voice over IP (VOIP), Analog Line, Mobile, or any other phone type.
Network Troubleshoot
Network challenges and issues can be exhausting to figure out. A professional should properly be able to troubleshoot a modem, switch, cable, connection errors, network connectivity, IP address exhaustion, or simply just unable to connect to the internet. A proper network setup matters and if you are experiencing any of these issues, then save yourself time and hire a proper network technician or hire a professional to establish the proper network setup.
TV Setup/Home Theater System/Music System
Just like any other technology, TVs are becoming more complicated especially with their smart network capabilities. Services provided for TV setup include any power issues, cracked screen repair, and any other hardware issue. The proper audio video companies will be matched with you for the job. Don’t let an issue hold you back from using and enjoying your TV. Installation of home theater systems, troubleshooting an existing one, home automation, sound systems, wiring, mounting, and much more is available. Get the proper audio video companies working on your project today.
TV Install
Need help creating the perfect home theater setup. Don’t risk measuring incorrectly and hanging your new TV on your own. Experts are ready to take care of your install and deliver a real home theater experience. TVs of any size are supported.
Wire Issues
Looking for a fiber optic installer? Any issue can be addressed including low voltage. Run new cable or troubleshoot existing ones. A fiber optic installer can help you with this. Gain access to professionals directly through the job marketplace on USTECHLAND and have all your wiring issues resolved including low voltage problems.
Gaming Consoles
No job is too small. Yes, even gaming consoles need support. Be partnered with the experts on fixing PlayStation, Xbox, Wii, Nintendo, and a variety of different gaming consoles.
All types of server support are available. Brands such as Dell, HP, Fujitsu, Lenovo, Asus, and many more are all supported within the platform. Find any type of server support you need.
Mobile Device
A variety of devices continue to be released and updated each year within the mobile space. If you need any help with smart phones, tablets, smart watches, E-readers, or even handheld gaming consoles, then there is an expert for you.
Your residential and business protection should be of utmost importance. Having a security camera installed properly matters. Whether require troubleshooting of your existing camera system or in need of having a security camera installed, USTECHLAND has the experts for you.
Smart Door Lock
Smart locks are becoming more common and widely adopted as an additional layer of protection. Ensure proper installation with a professional installer. Avoid the risk of a poor setup by doing it on your own.
Point of Sale (POS)
Essential for every business, the point of sale is a necessary piece of equipment and software to receive payments from your customers. Services are available for installation and troubleshooting.