If you stay in New Orleans and you need to set up appliances either in your home or your office, USTECHLAND is your best shot at getting it done.

If you need a kitchen appliance but are not sure how to install it? Allow our experts in New Orleans to do the job for you at a reasonable price! Whether it’s built-in appliances or stand-alone, gas or electric, we are the kitchen appliance installer service company for you! We not only repair appliances, but we install, maintain, and service them too!


Our Services

Below are the lists of the appliances that we help install.

Refrigerator (We help install both freestanding refrigerators and built-in refrigerators).

  • Level and Center new refrigerator.
  • We help conjoin to an existing cabinet and also attach the panel. n
  • We help link your refrigerator to an old waterline if it is in good condition.

Wall oven

  • We help place the newly purchased oven in the cabinet opening and attach it.
  • We join the new wall oven to the power source or gas supply (New flex gas line must be used, if applicable).
  • We help cart away old wall ovens and dispose of them in an environmentally friendly manner.
  • We install gas shutoff.


  • Level, secure, and, connect new dishwasher to an existing power source and water source with a replaced flex hose.
  • Tow away and dispose of the old dishwasher.


  • We help attach pads to the base of the dryer.
  • We help attach your newly purchased dryer to a 4′ dryer cord gas line that came with the dryer.
  • We help attach standard venting material that came with the dryer.
  • We help clear and dispose of all packaging material.
  • Attach pedestal.
  • We help stow away an old dryer and dispose of it in an environmentally friendly manner.
  • Install gas shutoff.


  • Install new mounting plate.
  • Secure microwave to mounting plate and cabinet.
  • Connect new microwave to existing ductwork, if applicable.
  • Connect a new microwave to an existing outlet in the cabinet.
  • Remove and dispose of packaging material.
  • We help stow away an old dryer and dispose of it in an environmentally


Why You Should Choose Us

  • If you have ordered our installation services at the time you purchased your appliance, we will provide you with our standard installation services concerning the appliance you purchased.
  • If you require extra cabinetry, electrical, and plumbing work that is not included in our Installation Services (“Additional Services”), additional charges will apply. Our installer will provide a written quote which will require your acceptance before we can schedule and carry out any Additional Services.
  • We will provide all our services with due care and skill and following all applicable laws and regulations.
  • We will provide the services on a date agreed between you and us. If you need to change the scheduled date, please contact our Customer Service Team hours before the scheduled date. Otherwise, we may charge you a call-out fee.
  • Extra delivery and installation benefits may be free for some areas or at a discounted price- call us to be sure!
  • Our installation experts will ensure all essential part is properly installed. If by omission, you did not purchase a part, they will offer to sell you any of the ones you may factory-certified initial purchase.
  • Highly skilled and trained factory-certified technicians
  • Technical Standards and Safety Authority certificates and licensed gas fitters
  • In case of minor fixes, we can perform the same-day repair.
  • Quick installations and repairs
  • We offer both home service and also can come to your office
  • We use quality parts in replacing your appliances.
  • Guaranteed work with a service and repair warranty
  • Our technicians can come to your home to make estimations and evaluations.
  • We have flexible plans that can help you work at your convenience.

For all your major and even minor appliance installations anywhere in New Orleans, USTECHLAND is the appliance installation company you should contact. Our customer service representatives are standing by for your call!