1. Sign up on ustechland (if you have not done so already).
  2. Create your buyer account.
  3. Once you finish creating you account.
  4. Click on API to obtain the CODE and KEY
  5. Configure and test your integration
  6. Go live

Get Job Details (example)


Now that you finish with the above step call (844) 810-2256 or email us at api@ustechland.com to get you api enable.

This API will allow you to receive data from your account.


For Example:

  1. Provider Detail:
    Obtain the provider name, phone number, email, user id.
  2. Tasks:
    Get the note from the task.
  3. Schedule Date:
    Get the work order schedule time.
  4. Invoice:
    Get the invoice detail.
  5. Images:
    Obtain the images that the provider uploads to the work order.
  6. Check In / Out:
    See when the provider check In / Out.