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How It Works

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You Set the Price You Are Willing To Pay

Finding the right talent in any marketplace can be challenging because you would prefer to hire someone willing to accept your offer. On USTechland, you are not just connected to the best talents. You are also in charge of setting the price. As a client, you are under no obligation to initiate a work order with any amount. Whatever you are willing to pay, it is entirely up to you. Upon setting the price for your work order, freelancers who are comfortable with the price will send in their bids.

Techs Apply For The Work Order

After putting out a work order, you can expect a flurry of applications from different technicians. There are no limits to the number of applications you might receive. As many technicians or freelancers are interested, their applications will be sent to you for assessment. USTechland encourages fair play and transparency in our operations. So, we make all jobs visible to talents who have the required expertise. But, we only hope the best man gets the job at the end of the day!

You Select The Best Candidate Based On Qualifications and Price

We operate a transparent system that lets you access the best talents on our platform. That means you get the opportunity to personally scrutinize every bid made in respect of your work order. You can decide to base your selection on their Qualifications and Price, or you might choose to use any other criteria to conduct your selection. USTechLand has no business in influencing the selection process of who would work for you. You are 100% in charge.

You Fix the price and they accept your proposal

On USTechLand, freelancers come across countless job offers from various clients daily. These technicians do not have to respond to a work order if they are not comfortable with the client’s conditions. So, if anybody is submitting a proposal to you, they have agreed to your terms to a great extent. Because you made it very clear that that was how much you could afford. Therefore, if they finally accept the work order, it means they are okay with the price.


You decide the time and date the Tech will come to where your business is located

Upon successfully accepting your work order, the technician will not call at your place suddenly or anytime they choose. Instead, they have to show up at the time you have stipulated in the contract. You will choose the date and time they will come for the job. All you have to do is think of a convenient date and time for yourself and inform the freelancer to visit the site on that very day and time.



Communication with the Technician can be achieved through our online application, email, or text messaging

When you have chosen a technician to work with, you need to find out one or two things from the individual. You may want to know more about their work experience and area of specialty. Communicating various vital information about the job to your preferred freelancer is also another possibility. There are various means of communication you can use to stay in touch with your prospective technician. You can use our online app, email, or text message for communication.




Use Our Online Application To Have Your Proposed Work Order Managed From Beginning To End

Everything that has to do with a work order can be taken care of within our online application. Everything can be handled from the online app, from communicating with the freelancer to paying for the service. First and foremost, it allows you to communicate in real-time with the technician should you want them to know anything new about the work. Just think of the online app as a project management software that lets you keep tabs on the state of work and payment.

Open An Unlimited Number of Work Orders

Unlike what is obtainable on some platforms, there is no maximum amount of work orders you can post on USTechLand every day. We allow you to post as many work orders as you please. That is because some clients are not the direct owners of the job. In that scenario, the middle-man client is just working to recommend freelancers for various clients and likely get their commission at the end of everything. We only request that you have a verified account profile, so technicians will be confident they are communicating with a trustworthy person.


Always Free To Open An Account

Opening an account on USTechLand is as easy as taking a stroll in the park. Just click on the registration button and fill out the necessary information. Double-check your information and submit it when you are done. We will review your application before it is approved. You are not expected to pay any money during the account opening process. It is free!