Below is a list of our
most FAQ’s

Here are the most frequently asked questions from our users; If you have more questions, contact our customer service, it will be a pleasure to attend you.

FAQ’s For Buyers:

How can I trust USTechLand.com Service?

USTechLand.com has a detailed prescreening process for all the tech Providers that sign up in our marketplace. We require all of them to have a background check and a drug check by an independent third-party company. There is also a rating system inside the platform where Buyers can rate the tech Providers they hire. This rating system helps other Buyers determine whether the tech is responsible and professional. Plus all Providers have to have liability insurance before they can accept a work order.

How do I pay my Provider?

Payment is made via credit card inside the USTechLand.com platform. The payment is secure and the funds are only dispersed by USTechLand (UTL) after you approve the work by the Provider once they are complete.

Why should I choose UTL?

UTL allows you to name your price when selecting a tech to complete your work order. UTL can provide guidelines on how much to charge for different services being offered inside the platform. UTL is a secure platform where you can quickly post a work order and have multiple qualified techs contacting you to complete the job.

What kind of Customer Service does UTL provide?

UTL provides 24×7 customer support to all Buyers and Providers within the platform. Our customer support team is ready to help with any issues you may be having using the system. You can call Customer Support at 732-272-0053 send an email to: [email protected]

FAQ’s for Providers:

How does the UTL platform benefit me?

UTL allows you to browse the extensive list of work orders across the entire country inside the platform. There are no restrictions on what type of job you can accept as long as you have the expertise to complete the job successfully. It is a way for you to earn money working for yourself. You will be paid for all completed work in a timely fashion. You have UTL to act as a buffer between you and the Buyer to help resolve any disputes that might come up.

What kind of Job are Available?

UTL has a big list of Buyers all over the country posing work orders inside the platform every day. Jobs can be one-time installs, short-term projects or even long-term projects. Jobs can vary from computer installs to setup of a home theatre system. See the list of current services being offered on our Tech Services page.

Isn’t there a lot of competition for jobs?

There could be more competition for certain types of jobs or jobs in certain areas of the country but you have the same opportunity to bid on any job posted in the marketplace. There is a rating system inside the platform where Buyers can rate the service you provided. You will have the opportunity to get on a Featured Provider List as your rating goes higher. This will give you a better chance to land more jobs inside the marketplace.

When do I get paid?

Payment will be made by USTechLand a few days after your ticket is closed and approved by the Buyer. UTL will send payment via various methods include: direct deposit into a bank account, Paypal, check and other payment methods.