How Does It Work?

The ability to use the USTECHLAND platform is easy and user friendly for both people and businesses that are interested in posting and assigning jobs or projects. Independent contractors use the platform to find those jobs and projects.

Landing on the website, you are immediately greeted with two options. If you are looking for computer support whether for residential or small business, then you select the first option. However, if you are a buyer or service provider, you pick the second option.

If you click on the residential and small business options, you are then brought to a search page where you can type in which service you are interested in. A list of popular services is provided as well. Once you search which service you are interested in, a list will pop up with further details from which you can choose from.

You will need to create a free account to use the platform which requires basic information such as your name and email. A special dashboard is then accessible each time your login where you will have access to viewing your work orders along with communication between you and the professional assigned to your task.

All payment is completely secured through the platform and is released to the professional once the job has been completed. In the rare circumstance that there are any escalations, customer service can be contacted immediately, and support will be provided.

On the provider side, you will choose the second option where you will also need to register for an account. Once registered, a special screening process is then started requiring several pieces of information to verify your experience for the jobs you are looking to service. Screening may take a few days as your credentials are reviewed by a USTECHLAND team member.

If all checks out, you can begin working on jobs that are connected to you from a job posting by the customer. Jobs, tasks, projects are all aligned based on the experience that you are offering. USTECHLAND matches the customer with you that way, everything is right fitted.

A dashboard is also provided for professionals to manage the workflow. You can view all your customers, see payment status, and communicate with the buyer directly through the platform. A high level of transparency is provided, and the experience is optimized to be easy for both parties. Once the job is completed and marked in the system, then funds are released to you and deposited into the account that you have on file.


How do I know whether to trust a Buyer or Provider?

Unlike other job search sites, USTECHLAND uses a rating system where users can leave recommendations, comments, and reviews for other users within the platform. Ratings cannot be bought through the platform like you can on other job search sites. By using the USTECHLAND’s platform, you can make better-informed decisions on which client or partner you would like to hire.

Additionally, providers are personally screened and reviewed. Resumes, work experience, background, qualifications, certifications, and references are all looked at when deciding which professionals to include on the marketplace platform. When you hire freelancers through USTECHLAND, you can rest assured you are getting quality. If you hire freelancers for IT services anywhere else, it is never guaranteed that they are thoroughly reviewed. With IT services, you must get the right professional otherwise a major setback by an inexperienced freelancer can set you back tremendously.