UStechland server support creates emergency support network troubleshooting for various organizations. Our work involves building an infrastructure that is a centerpiece of any technology planning. Business and technology leads see servers as being key and foundational on which every business need can be met. More so, system servers enable process integration and make possible collaboration among internal and external stakeholders.

We manage our work well by creating a good support system for client’s servers. You can always access us at Arizona. We provide the robust, secure, redundant, infrastructure you need on your server to work well. The right choice is choosing what is best, and what is best is choosing UStechland as your server hosting plug. The long-term growth of your company is most important and should be focused on.


What you benefit from a good server support system

Regulating servers and processes means that costs will be reduced through economies of scale. And it will help to simplify and vitalize work and server environments which can: promote business growth, help your work or business operate more sustainably and develop your bottom line.


Practices of efficient Server Management

UStechland will work at its best to ensure the following:

  • We ensure the safety of your servers while you work by doing a security setup in the beginning and conduct periodic audits.
  • UStechland server solutions frequently update and install OS to keep your servers tuned up.
  • We make sure that your server is optimized for maximum productivity.
  • We shield servers from any form of virus or spam by installing the corresponding software
  • Since we care about data that is stored on servers, we consider it important to perform backup and data recovery when necessary.
  • We do a proper and thorough market analysis to ensure that our customers are provided with the most efficient product and technologies.
  • We can easily identify both the strength and weaknesses of your server; therefore, we do an analysis based on their performance and also carry out stress tests.


Our Services

When you consult with us at UStechland, you simply have the assurance that you have the benefit of:

  • A 24 hours monitoring of ad-hoc server admin or servers support
  • US telephone number.
  • Remote support by MSN, Skype, Phone.
  • Remote permission to the system using RDP and SSH.
  • Rapid response support start within one hour of the request.
  • Support hours following the client’s convenience; AZ business or non-business hours.
  • Regular server management or Ad-hoc management.
  • Virtually all hosting control panel on the web support including Panel/WHM and Plesk.
  • Extra backing for websites that are hacking, virus attacks, down, malware inclusion, etc.
  • The server supports a system that is quite large including Windows, MySQL database, Linux, VMWare, MSSQL Database servers, and BSD.
  • Our server support services comprise optimization of server, Initial Server Configuration, Kernel Upgrade, migration of the server, Server Administration, and Restore Security patches.
  • Server security and susceptibility scanning services supporting Acunetix, McAfee Secure, Go-daddy website security.
  • PCI DSS Compliance services supporting SecurityMetrix, Verisign TrustSeal.