USTECHLAND offers a wide range of technical services that are tailored according to your needs in Charlotte and the environs. We are available online and offline 24/7 to provide you with all you need to get your device working again. You can have an online chat with our technicians, or they can come to visit your home or office to see what issues you are having with your devices at your convenient time. Our technicians in Charlotte possess unmatched customer support that makes holistic inquiries into whatever problem you may have with your devices.

We also provide extra services like project management, backup, and disaster recovery for an extra fee.


USTECHLAND Support Helpdesk

At USTECHLAND, our technical services are multi-leveled. We created these levels to improve the quality of our service to you. These multi-tiered services range from level one to level three.

Level one offers digital virtual assistance, a chatbot, or frequently asked questions which are geared towards remotely answering your questions and finding a lasting solution to your technical problems.

Level two offers access to a pool of IT-savvy professionals who are adept with the required knowledge that will provide efficiency through call. The technical support team at USTECHLAND will ensure all your needs are met in due time, and without delay, your technical issues will be resolved. Unresolved technical issues are documented and transferred to level three technical support. This is to ensure that the peculiarity of the problem is solved by experienced technicians using a different approach like; onsite installations or hardware replacement, or the use of an overriding control to troubleshoot the issue with the machine.

Level three offers a solution to advanced problems that you may have with your computer. We have several development experts that can look into your advanced technical issues that could not be solved over a phone call. These experts will take your details that have been gathered by level one and two technicians, and take more information from you if necessary. This information that has been compiled will enable us to take necessary actions on your device using special software or taking other necessary action on the device.


What We Can Do

  • Managed Services: We help relieve you from the stress of being worked upon IT management, and other businesses you have to focus on. This will enable you to focus on the difference-making part of your business. We can partner with your IT team on a full-time or part-time basis, depending on how you want it.
  • Capacity: We can respond to all your needs using the best practices in the field. We take into account what your complaints are, and we try as much as possible to proffer the best solution there is. From traditional to hyper-converged solutions, we develop the best result to satisfy the expansion of your data, ensure business continuity, dexterity, and efficiency, while guaranteeing security and maximizing cost reduction.
  • Remote Computer Repair: Our technicians will remotely troubleshoot the issues on your computer using our troubleshooting software. This software that uses the internet allows us to assess the problem on your computer. We can only carry out this with your permission. Once we have gained access to your computer, we then input and some diagnostic repair software or keys into the system which will scan the computer, install antivirus, and relay the solution to the system. Note that the remote computer repair is only suitable for the software, and not hardware. In the case where there is a problem with the physical components of your system, we will have to either repair it on-site or bring it over to any of our offices. We could arrange for a temporary solution to your hardware problem until we fix yours.

Reach out to us today in Charlotte and get valuable service for your money.