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Fiber Optics vs Copper Cable

Many experts will tell you the future if network cabling is Fiber optic. And that is very true and the beautiful thing is that the future is right before us. This new and advanced technology is made up of heavily insulated casing. Inside this casing is a more efficient glass fibers wound. This allows it to cover longer distances and also gives higher bandwidth communication.

Fiber optic installation has caused a positive disruption in the network cabling industry. With fiber optics Technology you get a near-zero signal loss. This is a very significant improvement from what is obtainable when in traditional copper wiring.


Benefits of Fiber Optics Cabling

Many are skeptical about the viability of the fiber optic cable system and aren’t sure if it will have such a great impact on their business. Especially when they put into consideration the cost associated with it.

However, the reality is that the advantages far outweigh any cost. It will not only increase your bandwidth it may also help increase productivity as well. And the good thing is that expense associated with fiber optic cabling has decreased and is still continually decreasing. Let’s take a look at the advantages of fiber optic cabling.

Fiber Optic Design

  • It is easier to work with fiber optic design, they take up less space in conduits and wiring trays. This is because it is much thinner and lighter than the usual copper cable.

Fiber Optic Reliability

  • For the transmission of data, fiber optic is still the most reliable and unarguably your best. The traditional copper cables are prone to crosstalk, electrometric inference, and impedance problems but with fiber optic cabling you’ll experience nothing of such.  Even if it gets it will still perform optimally unlike the traditional copper cables

Data Security

  • When it comes to security, what you get from fiber optic cabling is far greater than that of copper cable.
  • It is very difficult to tamper with fiber optic cabling. Any attempt to physically break the cable, tap into your network will make the fiber optics leak light. The result of this is that the entire system becomes nonfunctional, giving you maximum protection from prying eyes.

Better Bandwidth

  • This is the most notable of the advantages of fiber optics. Fiber optic cables give more bandwidth than traditional cables, this means your business will be able to carry more information in a higher quality.
  • Although the speed varies based on the type of fiber cable optic you are using. Overall no matter the type, fiber optic gives you a better speed.

Quicker And Longer Runs

  • Fiber optics do not only give you higher speeds over greater distances but, you’ll also experience less signal loss. This is because fiber optic signals consist of light.

Save Money Over The Lifespan Of Your Network

  • When it comes to technical issues, what is cheap may not always be cheap in the long run. Looking at the initial cost of fiber optic installation might want to choose the traditional copper cables.
  • However, Fiber optic cabling is cheap to maintain compared to copper cables. It also provides less downtime and to top it all it requires less networking hardware.
  • In the long run, you’d discover that a fiber optic installation is the bes

Fiber optic installation can be that change that will take your company to the next level.

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