USTECHLAND in Dallas and its environs offer you quality services when it comes to the maintenance, and repair of your servers.

The server is inarguably the most important part of your business. It is where the data of a company is stored. Although servers have multiple functions and configurations. These servers are used as the main location where stored files are accessed by customers and protective customers. This is why servers ought to be constantly maintained and protected from malicious attacks or breakdowns. This can be done through regular maintenance to ensure the smooth functioning of the server. Should anything happen to your server, then you must quickly find a solution before things go out of hand.

To prevent servers from crashing, you will need the hands of seasoned experts who will guarantee effective functioning and smooth running of your server. This is why we at USTECHLAND have readily available experts who will deliver a great job for you when you want to maintain your server.


The Services We Offer Are:

At USTECHLAND we offer the following services.

  • Website Monitoring & Rescue
    With USTECHLAND performance monitoring & server optimizations, your server will be in safe hands.
  • Set up a maintenance schedule: One of our strengths is that we help in the maintenance of servers. Once you reach out to us, we will agree on a workable date that we will come to your infrastructure to maintain, and clean the server. This maintenance is a preventive measure we have been using for years, and it has helped extend the life of our client’s server.
  • Rebooting of server and updating of patches:  As part of our slated maintenance services, we also help ensure that your software patches are installed and updated. We also reboot the server to refresh its function.
  • Data Backup: USTECHLAND understands the importance of backing up data which is why we use the best and the most reliable systems to back your data up. If you prefer a disk-to-disk backup process, we ensure you possess multiple disks and swap out regularly.
  • Installation of Anti-virus software: It’s not a good idea to run an unsecured server, so be sure to install anti-virus software. We will help recommend and install a good antivirus program that will safeguard your system against attacks.
  • Server Repair: Our experts oversee server repair using a broad spectrum of diagnostic procedures and methods aimed at fishing out the problem with the server. Depending on the root cause of the problem (hardware malfunction, software incompatibility, virus attack, or another technical issue), we might need to carry out one or more of the following repairs:
    1. Comprehensive diagnostic analysis
    2. Software upgrade
    3. Hardware replacement
    4. Re-installation of the operating system
    5. Server hardware upgrade
    6. Computer virus removal
  • IP Blacklist Removal
  • Removal of IP blacklist: We will help delist your IP, and mend the exposure that resulted in the blacklisting.


Why You Should Choose Us

  • We have an IT Department of motivated professionals, who are ready to help at all times without increased payroll or cost.
  • Our critical business servers and systems are always “on-line” with High-Availability services.
  • Tested and trusted Anti-Virus / Anti-Malware software and security to protect your server from external dangers.
  • Working with us will help you minimize the cost of service on your server in the long run.
  • Technical IT Support help-desk available
  • Reince your cost of maintenance.
  • Our support team will work tirelessly towards your success by leveraging our decades of experience with our team of certified co

Working with a technician has never been this easy and smooth. Contact us today anywhere in Dallas, and we will be there to service, install and repair your server.