USTECHLAND is dedicated to making communication from your home or place of the business smooth in Colorado. We know quite many users want to save cash by trying to install their phone lines on their own. This is not a bad idea, as long as you have watched a couple of videos on YouTube. The only downside to this is that there are complications that most tech gurus on YouTube will omit. It is just like flying a plane by reading the manual, only to find out halfway in the air that the manual has no instructions on how to land the plane. Disastrous right?

This is why USTECHLAND has made it their duty to help individuals, businesses, and corporate bodies in installing

their phones. This is achievable with our team of experts who have helped several others install phones in Colorado and its environs. While helping you install your phone, we also ensure we take you through the whole process to help you and your staff comprehend the usage.

We provide Digital, VoIP, and Hosted Phone system solutions for small and large companies within Denver.


Services We Offer

The services we offer include:

  • Key and Keyless system: The Key systems are commonly utilized by small-scale businesses where fewer components are required. It has considerable characteristics such as hold controls, intercoms, paging, speakerphones, music-on-hold, voice mail, and memory dialing.
  • PBX is essentially a smaller model of the phone company’s main switching office. It controls all the incoming and outgoing calls, connecting outside callers with inside extension lines and internal extensions with each other. Hundreds of lines and thousands of extensions may be programmed and include many automated features and therefore can be designed to meet your specific needs. USTECHLAND has experts who can install a PBX, and configure it.
  • VoIP Installation: Our technicians can help install VoIP phone systems. One outstanding feature of VoIP is the ease that comes with operating it, and it is also suitable for voice and data guaranteeing productivity and satisfaction.
    Some of the benefits of using VoIP are:

    • Limitless Local Calling
    • Limitless Toll calling
    • Toll-Free Numbers
    • Voicemail/Unlimited messaging
    • Call forwarding
    • High-speed internet, and
    • Static IP addresses


Why You Should Choose Us

  • With the changes in business and technology, a phone system that will allow you to adapt and grow with the demands of your business is what you need. The business phone systems that we install for you will meet every one of your needs, including:
  • Our customers have clearer, more comprehensible calls without the constant jitter, echo, glitch, or latency that afflicts other service providers.
  • We have a support team that will work with you to plan the type of installation you want to achieve a desired result in the end.
  • System configuration and training to fit your needs.
  • Maintenance and repairs to keep things running smoothly.
  • Phone refurbishing to increase product life.
  • Free software updates and telephone tech support.
  • 24/7 emergency service for when you need it most.
  • Once your phone has been installed, our support team will assist you in getting used to your new system with comprehensive online and in-person training. We also give you some system alternatives that are developed to ease your transition to new phone service.
  • Integration of mobile phones and other devices into the system.
  • Scalable, robust phone system solutions
  • Online software that includes analytical data of your system, voicemail, transfer, paging, etc.
  • We maintain a large network of installers that will do all of the heavy lifting necessary for an install for you.

We at USTECHLAND promise to make communication in and out of your home or office a smooth one. Contact us today anywhere in Denver, and we will gladly oblige to your needs.