Are you in Minneapolis and you require the services of a network savvy professional who can help with Managing telecommunications? Then we have the solution to your problem. We know that finding a good Managed Router Service can be challenging. It is even more strenuous when you have to look within for the solution to your network. Most times, the employees are made to focus their time on things that aren’t intricate to the survival and progress of the business. Things like network management are best left to specialists so that core employees can do something more productive with their work time.

Your internet connectivity is an important part of your business that needs to be available when needed. Once issues are arising, you are of professionals who are attentive to your current needs and can give you a satisfactory service that will solve your problems. USTECHLAND is the best place to get these things done without a hitch. We have Managed Router Servicemen and women who are available 24/7 to attend to your needs.


Why Do You Need Us?

  • Our technicians are attentive to your needs. With our end-to-end support from initial configuration through to installation and monitoring, attention is paid to your current desires, business objectives, and the projections you have for your business.
  • At USTECHLAND, we will ensure that you don’t incur an excess cost by investing in the operating cost of managing your internet connectivity. This can be overwhelming for a business (especially young businesses), to have to invest time and resources into the management of router services and other things that needs their attention in their business.
  • At USTECHLAND, we help provide the most efficient and reliable way to select, install, monitor, and maintain perimeter routers at our clients’ sites.
  • SLA-driven to ensure your internet is performing optimally.
  • Includes support with design, upgrade, and migration of legacy networks
  • Our work helps your business to focus on developing other aspects of your business that require your attention instead of expending resources on IT infrastructure.
  • We help remotely monitor your routers and diagnose their problems from our office.
  • Archiving of client router records, updating, and upgrading of client’s router
  • Our technicians can help maintain, replace or repair damaged routers at the location. These maintenances are carried out following industry standards.
  • Our repairpersons are available round-the-clock to assist you in every area you might need help with your IT infrastructure.
  • You will get comprehensive service from the moment we start working with you covering operation, upgrading, and transfer of the network.
  • Our foresighted monitoring team help in reducing costly downtime and enhances router reliability and performance.


Services That We Offer

The services that we offer are:

  • We will provide you with a router that is provisioned and configured to match your data speed.
  • We advise on the things you can do to improve the speed of your internet. We also provide support on what can be done to improve the speed.
  • Stability options including dual-power supply, dual-chassis, and support for resilient circuits, at additional cost.
  • Router software and configuration maintenance, comprising OS upgrades to keep following the best operational practices.
  • Susceptibility management.
  • Full supervision and management of router including fault-reporting and health-monitoring. Additionally, members/customers may log issues directly with the USTECHLAND service desk.
  • Adoption of member or customer’s routing equipment, subject to approval (responsibility for the hardware support remains with the member/customer).
  • We help perform software upgrades, which are not up to the standard software version and feature sets as provided by the manufacturer of their router. The decision to partner with us at USTECHLAND will leave you satisfied at all times. Contact us today to make your router work 24/7 without hassle.

Do you need help with your broad range of Managed IT Services in Minneapolis? Our team of highly trained and qualified technicians is ever ready to help you around the clock to achieve the best router management for your internet. Call us today and let us do something great together!