According to a report by, as of 2020, over 37 billion records have been exposed by data breaches. Although, this is a remarkable 48% decrease compared to 2019. Even though this number has greatly plummeted, it is still quite alarming and needs to be curtailed to the minimum. Topping the chart of the data breach are the medical services, retailers, and public figures, and financial services. We as an organization frown against the danger people’s lives and privacy are being put at risk by these encroachers.

The fear of being prone to the vulnerabilities of cyber threats should not scare you if you stay in Salt Lake City, or anywhere around Utah, because at USTECHLAND we have all it takes to solve that. We have experts who can counter: cybercrime, cyber-attacks, and cyberterrorism through different methods that are tested and trusted by other clients.

The services we offer include:

  • Our web application penetration testing will help assess and fix every threat in mission-critical applications, APIs, and websites. Web applications are used by millions of users, and it stores some of their most sensitive information. This is why you need a professional with an understanding of API and Web Application Penetration Testing to carry out these tests on your devices.
  • Our experts have the technical know-how of end-user protection and will help scan for malicious codes, quarantine them, and expel them from your computer. We have programs that can detect malicious codes that are encrypted and hidden in your computer, and we will flush them out.
  • We can help install and update your anti-virus software, operating system, and other software you use. We will also offer free consultation on what to do to avoid similar attacks next time.
  • Penetration Testing for SaaS startups can be done by our professional cyber securities. We understand that most investors and clients require startups (especially SaaS) to have carried out one of these tests to be eligible for funding or partnership. We also are aware that your business requires your full attention. These are the reasons we are here for you to relieve you of the burden so that you can vent your energy on growth. These tests comply with the best practices in the field and will fix all your vulnerabilities.
  • At USTECHLAND, we use proven methods for the assessment of your cyberspace which are based on the best and the latest standards in the industry. With your permission, we will assess the maturity of your information security program, as well as identify voids, deficiencies, and chances for modification.
  • Virtual customer care offers you a pool of expertise required for your complaints in case there is an emergency. Our cybersecurity assistance will be in line with your business program.
  • Data Governance, helping you handle increasingly large volumes of data and the related. Enhancing your cybersecurity posture and data management.


 Why You Should Choose Us

  • At USTECHLAND, it is our priority to see that your business and the privacy of those you work with are protected. It is our belief that as you protect your computers and the information on them from cyberattacks, your business will receive a boost and there will be a surge in productivity. We can provide you with the service you require.
  • USTECHLAND is a leading company in cybersecurity services. our cybersecurity team will implement a secure framework and constantly monitors and protect your business from cyber threats. Our team of cybersecurity experts combines the integration of threat data, cybersecurity insights, and we help protect your data.
  • Our team of experts in Salt Lake City will collaborate with your team to fish out any risk, or threats its cyberspace may face. We will deliver recommendations that highlight security flaws in your environment, and the procedures required to solve these problems.
  • We ensure your security is ahead of attackers at all times. We make use of the best antivirus to protect you from cyberattack. Our solutions, integrated with intelligent analytics, range from threats’ detection to cyber attacks’ management and remediation.
  • Our network integration platforms, devices, and applications are devised to satisfy even the most tasking request of our client. Our technicians at all times ensure they deliver jaw-dropping remedies that allay the fear of attack on critical infrastructure and ensure public safety.

Contact us today at USTECHLAND anywhere in Salt Lake City to protect your cyberspace from those with evil intentions, and be glad you did.