Wherever you are in San Diego, and you need your hardware to be maintained, upgraded, replaced, or repaired. USTECHLAND has got you covered. We are the solution to your hardware problems such as motherboards, hard disks, SSDs, keyboards, monitors, CPU, and mobile devices, etc. Our priority is to put human resources into use to meet your need every time you need us. We deal in all operating systems like Windows, UNIX, Citrix, etc.

We understand that time is of utmost importance. The minutest hardware problem could cost you a whole lot in terms of money, and time. This is the reason why we always go the extra mile to ensure that the best hands and the best brains are the ones touching your hardware. This is to ensure that time is saved and quality is delivered to you at all times. At USTECHLAND, we take hardware server maintenance and repair seriously because we know the value of this to your business. Our technicians place a great premium on knowing the exact configurations of your servers so that whenever a component fails, we are prepared.

At USTECHLAND, we believe that you should protect your hardware against failure. The benefit of this precautionary method will be seen in years to come because we are committed to giving you the best services.


Why Do You Need Us?

  • We are the stop shop for all your hardware problems. We have a multi-vendor support service to ensure swiftness and efficiency. Our IT experts have years of experience in hardware maintenance and repair. We can assure you that you are all that matters when you come to us at USTECHLAND.
  • At USTECHLALND, you get hardware that matches your IT equipment.
  • We at USTECHLAND are available 24/7 to answer your call whenever you need us.
  • We prioritize you and your business, which is why we deliver your hardware in time, to avoid expensive downtime and not affect your work.
  • We have a team of dedicated technicians that will offer assistance in maintaining your PC and other hardware regularly. You just need to agree on the time with us, (weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly), and we will get it as soon as possible.
  • we can provide you with temporary hardware while we deal with your issues. This is done to allow your business to run without hindrance.
  • We are fully aware that quite a several issues can harm the operations of the storage of your device, and the functionality of the component. We have storage engineers that have experience at troubleshooting hosts and LAN switches including the functionality of the array components. Our priority is that all of your equipment be functional and that they run smoothly. We ensure this by giving our clients the hardware support that will help the optimal performance of their machines.
  • We use our expertise in ensuring a robust return on investment on your equipment. Using our services will guarantee a boost in the life expectancy of your equipment.
  • We owe you the duty of care while maintaining your hardware during the time of our agreement to work together.


Services That We Offer

  • Advice and guidance on the acquisition of computers, components, and peripherals:
    • There are lots of products out there, and some might not be suitable for you based on various reasons. This is why we have professionals who can advise you on the best computers or accessories to buy.
  • Diagnosis and/or repair of PC hardware and peripherals
    • We have technicians who will help check out the issues that you are having with your system and its components. The solution to this will be proffered promptly.
  • Short-term rental of Desktop PCs to Departments and Residence Students
    • We provide rental services in case you have an urgent need for hardware in which you do not have in your possession.
  • Configuration of PCs for connection from home
    • We have technicians who are readily available if you need us to come to your house to carry out the installation.
  • Sale, distribution, and installation of site-licensed software
  • Recovery and restoration of data from damaged computers (where possible)
  • Re-installation of computers and peripherals after office moves.
  • Installation and configuration of new PCs from preferred vendors with an ITS image.

Through our IT service helpdesk, we assure you that your IT problems will become a thing of the past. We have highly-trained staff who can offer the best service. Contact us at USTECHLAND today anywhere in San Diego, and get the benefits other customers have enjoyed.

USTECHLAND offers support and maintenance for your hardware support systems – always HIPAA compliant.