Do you need to repair or maintain your printer or office fax machine anywhere around San Francisco? USTECHLAND is the solution to that problem. It is where your printer is installed, upgraded, and repaired at a competitive price. We have qualified technicians who provide services that include: printer repair, printer cleanings, printer maintenance kits, as well as fax repair.

We repair different types of printers which includes: laser printers, dye-sublimation printers, inkjet printers, plotters, direct thermal printers, line printers, thermal transfer printers, flexographic printers, hot stamping printers, letterpress printers, offset printers, pad printers, rotogravure printers, screen printers, letterpress printers, dot matrix printers, and LED / LCD printers.

If the list below is the problems you are encountering with your fax, and you need an experienced technician to offer maintenance services for issues like:

  • If your prints are too dark or light.
    • In case the image coming out of your printer is dark, then you may need to fix the cartridge head. This is where the ink comes out from. Our technicians can help you find a lasting solution to it.
  • When there are lines or blemishes on your pages.
    • The problem of blemishes can also be caused by dry ink in cartridges.
  • Your printer is jamming papers.
  • You are encountering issues connecting your printer to your monitor or other devices.
  • If printing is slow or unresponsive.


Why Do You Need Us?

  • We offer our repair services to corporations, small-scale businesses, and individuals. You can simply contact us to schedule a meeting with us.
  • You can come to drop off the printer for repair or we can come to your house to fix it. Some of these repairs take less than a day to get done, while some might take more. It is our belief that whichever comes first was done prioritizing your needs.
  • We have qualified technicians with years of experience and have worked with almost any brand of the machine there is, including brands like Hewlett Packard, Dell, Sharp, Xerox, Samsung, and Lexmark, etc. They can double as technicians and consultants who will advise you on what is the best method to maintain the printer.
  • We offer 24-hour response time for all repair services that you need. However, we do not consumables.
  • Our technicians can help determine the benefits of repair versus the purchase of a new machine. If there are issues with your printer that is beyond repair, we may recommend buying a new one to be the best option. Repairing a printer might be costlier than getting a new one most times.
  • We can install and set up your newly bought printer or newly repaired printer. Our technician will get your printer set up and configure it to work with your printing environment.
  • If your business is relocating, or you need to move a machine to another location, we can help with the relocation. Our technician will properly prepare, disassemble and pack your equipment for the move, and will set up and install it at the new location.

If you would like to schedule repair/service for your printers, fax machines, or copiers anywhere in or around San Francisco, please do give us a call at USTECHLAND. We also fix and replace drums, fuser, mirror/lens, laser unit, photoreceptor, a discharge lamp, sensors, etc.