Modern TV technology can be great but the thought of setting it up on your own can be irksome for those who still have some technical experience. It is worse for those without technical experience. We can help from taking it out of the box to mounting your new TV on a stand or wall mounting.

If you stay anywhere in Seattle, or you need the services of an expert who have years of experience in mounting your TV on the wall on any part of your home. USTECHLAND is the best. We have experts who deal in mounting and installation of TVs of all kinds.

At USTECHLAND, we comply with the provisions of CDC on the use of protective gear such as face masks, sanitizer, and social distancing.


Why Do You Need Us?

We give the best in terms of quality assurance and befitting outlook of your screen. We will help you save space and give you an improved viewing angle.

You won’t have to worry about tipping issues when we help you fix your screen.

As part of the service to you, our technicians will help you connect all your gadgets to the TV. We will also perform any software configuration for you.

The agent will ensure that the wires and cables that are connected to the TV are well packed to make the work look neat. We also conceal wirings if you prefer that option.

We can mount a TV on drywall with metal stud, brick wall, tiled wall, granite wall, stone wall, etc.


What We Do

At USTECHLAND, we give you a range of options to choose from on how you want your TV to be mounted.

  • Full motion mount
    This is the best option for homes because it gives you the flexibility to change the positions of your TV to the position of your choice. You can tilt, swivel, extend and move in a different direction. We recommend a full-motion mount when the corner of the wall is restricting and there is difficulty in properly mounting a TV.
  • Tilt mount
    This allows you to move your TV up and down when you need to have a better view of your screen. This is recommendable especially when the reflection from outside is interfering with the screen.
  • Fixed-mount
    When a TV is fixed close to the wall. This is recommended when you want your view to be at eye level, and opposite where your seating area is.
  • Wet Room Television
    We help with the installation of water-proof glass ranging from 17 to 52 inches for your wet room on your TV. These installations are done in bathrooms, saunas, pools, etc. This is done in a blend of class, and style to suit your taste.
  • We help connect your TV to other devices like:
  • Aerial
  • Satellite box
  • Your Broadband and Streaming services
  • DVD or hard disk recorder
  • Other streaming boxes
  • Surround sound
  • Or any combination.
  • Our TV installation professionals will ensure that you are taken through the whole process of setup, and you will be taught the basic control.

We implore you to make extensive research to find the best services and not the cheapest. This is because some of the service providers who charge less are mostly the ones who don’t have experience in TV installation. It is risky to choose this set of people to work on your installation.

On the other hand, we are proud to call ourselves professionals with the experience, and the ethical work methods to carry out the job without hitch. We possess the tools to carry out our work without hitch.

Choose to work with us today at USTECHLAND, and be delighted you did. Our technicians in Seattle are available all round the clock to answer your needs.