Protecting the Fuse Box

UStechland Electrical Wiring solution is best for fixing wire issues in your fuse boxes. Fuses that are made lately are less common to come with circuit breaker panels, and they work just fine. The only reason why it won’t work is if someone installs fuses that have a higher amperage than the wires used.

This situation can result in the wires becoming overheated; hence, breaking their protective insulation and increasing fire risk. Once there is a fault in the insulation, even if the faulty fuse gets replaced, the danger remains.

To get this problem fixed, there is a need to rewire the old circuit. We do job posting and you can catch us up on any of the online publicities we make. UStechland operates in Tennessee to give the right and professional touch to your house wiring needs.

One major precaution to take any time you work with wiring is to be sure that one turns off the circuit at the major breaker panel. To help you assess the position of your electrical system, a junction box will house the splices where wires are jointly linked to one another, a person could inadvertently damage the wires or get a shock when a junction box is left open.

UStechland will help to reduce the level of danger observed. Our freelance worker can come to your house on the invitation and ensure that your wire connection is catered for. We make use of a thick wire that won’t overheat. These wires are known as heavy-duty extension cords, with 14-gauge cords and not 16-gauge; this is because the thicker the wire gets, the lower its gauge number. With quality services being offered by our team of professional workers, the use of undersized extension cords with 16-gauge or smaller is disallowed. This is because there can be a sudden overheat which could result in fire ignition if loads on it are too heavy.

Another way to avoid this is to create more outlets. If you live around Tennessee, there is likely going to be a minimum charge. Creating more outlets will mean that more holes will be cut into the walls and ceilings to snake the wires. This is what our team of engineers will do leaving no trace of wall patch behind. You can collaborate with us too by posting jobs or requesting service on UStechland.

Another event that endangers house wiring is over wired Panel. Truth is that most times, the panel in our homes contains more circuits than it’s rated to work with. AT this point, we introduce tandem breakers. Tandem breakers are not similar to high-amp double-pole breakers; the high-amp double breakers take up two slots with one circuit. A label on each panel specifies the number of circuits the panel can accommodate.


We service Aluminum wiring

Aluminum wiring has been in existence since around the 1960s and 1970s. It is a cheap substitute that can be used for copper since copper is no longer considered safe. At UStechland, we take pride in using contemporary wiring materials that suit the efficient delivery which is mostly safe for you and your household. We offer the best clientele services all around Tennessee. You can recommend and refer us on job posting sites too. The type of wiring used lately is plastic-sheathed and itis known as the standard household wiring. There is a three-wire cable insulated inside the plastic-sheathed. Unlike old wires like Knob and Tube which is an old wiring system just like Romex brands that are not in vogue anymore. However, wires like the vintage copper work just as perfectly as the new ones that are being produced nowadays.